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My Journey to Happiness

A Dream beyond Time and Space

It was spring/summer time and I was sitting on a warm soft grass which caressed me in loving embrace. There were alot of other people around me, almost like a concert gathering but with everyone sitting and listening to the person on "stage". This person was explaining something very important to everyone and at the end a question was asked........Who wants to volunteer? I raised my hand and some of the people around me were taken back by the decision, but I was not the first nor was I the last who volunteered. Fast forward a short amount of time, the people who volunteered were saying their goodbyes to family members and lining up in an orderly fashion to embark on their journey. The line led upwards on an incline to a dome shaped building where each individual entered alone. My time came up, I looked back one more time before I entered the dome. An insert in the smooth wall opened upwards to allow me inside, as I walked in, there was a chair in the middle of the room. To me, the chair seemed very ordinary and simple looking (cant remember the color). The door behind me closed (perfectly flush with the wall as if there was no door to begin with) and I sat in the chair. My final thought, "Let's Start", I closed my eyes in a meditation kind of way and the room started to glow. My body at this time was starting to vibrate, the vibration of my body went hand in hand with the brightness in the room; meaning as the room got brighter and brighter and brighter my body started vibrating more and more until my body was no more. It was a very peaceful and loving way to "disintegrate" or "transition" the body. 

The dome color was white and the entrance was perfectly flush as if there was no door.

The dome color was white and the entrance was perfectly flush as if there was no door.


Fast forward unknown amount of time, but in the same sequence after the body disintegration, I was "flying" through space coming closer to a planet which was blue in color when a voice asked me a question: "Why go to such a place where there is extreme amount of negativity and destruction"? As the voice was speaking, images of destruction, wars, negativity was flashing before me. I gave a straight and simple answer; "because I love them"! I then entered the atmosphere, everything started to go white, then a baby was born............................and that baby was me. 

As I woke up from this "dream" which was soo real, as real as this keyboard that i'm typing on, as real as this air that i'm breathing right now, my mind had been altered, it felt like an alarm clock had just gone off, waking me up to something more. I was profoundly moved by this and started my search, my journey of "self re-discovery".