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My Journey to Happiness

Liberate The Planet

Initial interaction with the planet was to scout Intel about the current world situation. Conclusion: The world and its citizens were under control and its citizens were armed internally/externally, but there were no awareness of internal armament by the general public. Fast forward an unknown amount of time, the time came for liberation and as we approached the surface of the planet, we were met with a show of force, as if we were being expected. Me and my partner were teleported onto the surface of the planet and i quickly proclaimed, “I am a member of the Galactic Confederation of Light and we are here to help liberate everyone. After my statement, a light pillar was placed around everyone on the surface of the planet simultaneously. I felt that the people started to become nervous and scared from the light pillar placed around them, so I announced to everyone that there is nothing to fear, we have already freed 350,000 people and the rest shall be free soon. The pillar of light that was put around everyone, was an advanced technology that would remove all weapons (internal/external) from each person in matter of seconds. For example; 350,000 people were disarmed in less than 10 seconds. Me and my partner then moved through the streets heading towards the main governing building. As we entered the “office”, like the OVAL office, there was an empty room and empty chair. My partner advised that the person is hiding underneath a secret entrance behind the official desk. I opened the secret door and advised the person to come out, in a very friendly fashion. As the person climbed out, he was proclaiming that he and his people are going to fight against us and defeat us to the bitter end. I casually mentioned, with a smile on my face, that the war was over and everyone has been freed. 😊