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My Journey to Happiness

All Enter the Light

It was a beautiful warm night, the sky was clear as day and i was sitting enjoying a conversation with an ex-girlfriend inside of a house. We were discussing our past and current present overcoming some traumas that was received/exchanged. The conversation lasted for 1-2 hours and by the end of it, i told her she was beautiful (her appearance had changed dramatically from when we dated long time ago). As she walked to the bathroom, i walked towards the window. I started to notice several people outside at night with their phones out video recording something. My curiosity could not resist, i walked outside looking towards my left and right and noticed many people with their phones out looking towards the horizon. Then suddenly i started hearing a serene angelic music and saw light spiraling upwards (clockwise fashion) on the dark horizon. This filled me with great joy, i started watching like a fly attracted to light. After a certain amount of time (probably less than 10mins) the music got louder and the night changed to day. It was the most shocking thing that i’ve seen. Right after the daylight hit, everything that was hidden, now can be seen (aka, “dead” ones, non-physical beings and such). I felt a non-physical being come from behind me and walked right through me towards the spiraling light. It felt like a small chill and mist of air type of feeling when it happened. I then started the see many “people” floating and walking towards the spiraling light. Everyone else around me was as shocked/joyful as i. I was able to get a word out to one of the “beings” being attracted by the light. I proclaimed; “Isn’t this the coolest thing?”, and she rebutled back; “like we have a choice”. A little confusing statement but it seemed like the spiraling light was attracting/pulling them in. This felt like an epic cleansing going on and we were witnessing it. Every moment that passed was a beautiful and loving moment. Nothing was scary, nothing was fearful, it was all beautiful!

When i opened my eyes, they were fixated on the ceiling and there was this greenish energy floating by the ceiling light (light was turned off) and my body was full of vibration. The cat beside me was also awake and purring like crazy; as if we both woke up at the same time and felt the same thing.

Much love to the experience of life! Bring on the rest!