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My Journey to Happiness

Inside a Spaceship

I was teleported/transported to a place that initially seemed like a fancy company or corporation. I was thinking, “did I time travel to the past or the future?” I started walking down a hallway, coming up to a table where some “people”  were sitting, I looked at them slightly but kept walking cause I did not want to draw attention to myself just in case if they thought I was trespassing. Behind them towards the right there was a glass door where people inside were having a type of “meeting”.  I paid no mind and kept walking to explore more of this place that I found myself in. As I walked down the hallway, there was a slight curve into a small opening where I started to hear music. It was like a techno type of music, no lyrics. There were some people sitting and listening, so I did the same cause I was enjoying the sounds. The chair I sat it was a circular curved seat with back support that was very comfortable and it did twist side to side, so I was giddy and started swinging side to side when I was told by someone to stop and just sit and enjoy the show, so I listened, knowing that I really don’t want too much attention on me. After the music was over, an announcement came over the speaker about something but my mind perked up because I recognized the voice. It sounds like my bosses voice, so I got up real quickly as I was very excited to hear a familiar voice and started to speak into the speaker saying, “Hello, you over the speaker, I know you, I mean I know your voice, may I come and see you, see you physically? You are a physical being right?” The voice on the speaker said, “I’m at door Zero, you may come see me”. As I looked around I noticed doors that had numbers on them and down the hall from where I was standing, I saw a door numbered “0”. So I said to the speaker, “I see the door, I’ll see you soon, be right there”. I started walking down the hall excited to meet the familiar person. As I reached for the door, I went to open it but remembered my etiquette and knocked at the same time the person opened the door.  He looked kinda like my boss and he started walking back towards the place I was sitting so I started walking with him and saying I know you, your name is *****.  I then asked him where am I, where is this place. He answered “you are in space on a spaceship”, my jaw dropped. I asked in disbelief, “show me” .  He started walking down another hallway and I could see a door at the end, as I was walking with him, I started getting side tracked by other people. I got pulled towards one person that seemed that she was playing a game and we quickly discussed that “time” works differently here and I acknowledge that I already know that time is not linear,  so turned and ran towards my boss which he was about 80% towards the door. As I was running, I took out a napkin and wiped the sweat from my forehead and toss it into a “trash can” looking thing on the right where it also looked like they were serving food. Once I caught up, he showed me the door, where light was shining inside from it. I thought to myself, “this cant be space, there's sunlight”. I opened the door and walked outside. I saw grass, dirt and trees, but I quicky l looked up; “HOLY SHIT”, I mean “WOW”. When I looked up, I saw clouds but above the clouds I saw land and trees and small people, it looked like something out of the movie “Interstellar”.  My first instinct was that this could not be a planet, so it must be on a spaceship in outer space. My 2nd instinct was to check the gravity by jumping down the stairs onto the grassy floor. Well gravity seems about the same. So I started running in the field looking things over which I quickly noticed, there was no food in the garden, it was just a nice place to hang out. I saw kids, grown ups all doing their own things. But I had soooooo many questions that needed answered. I found this women in the field which I approached her and wanted answers. I started to say, “this is all just crazy to me, I was just on Earth and it was the year 2019….wait, maybe ummmm”, at this time two kids behind me answered “it was 2018” and I agreed “yeah that’s right”, “wait a minute, how did you know?” Then I quickly pointed to them and called them “mind readers”.  I started to become overwhelmed, and quickly became a little defensive asking  them “please don’t read my mind”. Now I'm thinking to myself that i hope I don’t have any negative thoughts that these people will read, the two kids then replied,  “your subconciouss told us” I then told them, “I counsiously don’t give you permission and please don’t ask my subconsciouss either, this is all too much for me to handle at once, please give me 1 day then you can read my mind”. I turned around to quickly try to catch pace with the women that I had intended to speak with, but my thought was, you are being rude to these kids, so I turned around and said to them, “I love you”, then ran back towards the women. I finally caught up to her and said I needed help and was going to beg for it, so I started to kneel down to beg, but the women quickly became sad that I did this and I was putting her in a very ackward position. I immediately read the situation and got up and apologized. At this time, I felt so overwhelmed I wanted to cry, so the women came and hugged me and I fell into tears. She led me down a walk way as I was telling her this is too much and I needed time. The love that was emanating from her was very caring. Once we came towards the end of the walkway, I woke up in my bed. “WOW what a dream this was”.