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My Journey to Happiness



I was traversing YouTube as I do sometimes when bored; I came across this video which was titled; “Angels singing caught on tape”. As curious as I am, I clicked it since it was only about 5 mins long. The beginning 2 and half minutes was this lady explaining the origins of this audio tape and how it came to be. I started to think, oh boy here we go again, someone is hyped up on church again. But I really wanted to listen and “judge” it for myself as to its quality and legitimacy. The audio was pretty harsh, but you started to hear “people” singing Hallelujah. It was kind of high pitched, higher than normal I would agree. But the sound, it was very penetrating, as it was touching me on a very deep level. I started to become a believer after 20 seconds of listening. Then all of a sudden a solo broke out and this guy came on and did his thing. I couldn’t make out the lyrics but it did start with Hallelujah. As I immersed myself within his voice, it almost brought me to tears. The sounds, the voices, the music, definitely had a lot of soul and passion which is greater than any lyrics. To me, this could definitely be higher dimensional beings reaching down to share their love in their own way, but this is just my theory. Let us return to the power of this music. After hearing it, I couldn’t get it out of my head. It was constantly on reply for the entire day as I loved it and kept playing it over and over again in my head. It helped lift my spirit/emotion for the entire day.  That night I went to sleep, I dreamt that I was walking along a path between buildings and the ocean was just behind the buildings. As I was walking, a girl came up to me and held my arm, touching my triceps and saying “nice triceps”. I smiled and thanked her for the compliment and as we walked we talked but I could only remember a small portion of our conversation. She told me she is going to seek me out and share some love and I acknowledged that I would share my love back with her if she came and saw me. Then she left, very bizarre indeed but not as bizarre as what happened next. I walked towards the beach and sat down in this sand box and I saw a lot of very old co-workers of mine, ones that I have not seen in years. At this very moment, I felt this sudden push on my body and it immediately woke up me. As to my surprise my best friend’s cat came into my room, on my bed and with her two front paws woke me up. I was shocked but then calmed down by the sound of hallelujah again started playing in my head. Two plus two added quickly in my head and realized that the girl in my dream was this cat and as we both promised to share our love and for her to come see me, she did just that. I started petting her for the next 20 minutes (mind you this is 3am in the morning lol). As my arm got tired and I really wanted to go back to sleep, she came and laid next to me and put her head on my leg close to my knee. She took a nap for about 20-25 minutes before taking her leave and me going back to sleep around 3:40am. What an experience this was, the dream followed me back to “Reality”. LOVELY and HALLELUJAH!


Solo lyrics in the middle of the song:

"Hallelujah breathe it all across the land"

"Everybody’s singing at the Lord’s command"

"All the Saints and the Angels are in Heaven wait to hear the news"

"Of Jesus and his children as they’re coming through!"