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My Journey to Happiness

The Invisible made Visible

The night started just as any other night, roughly around 1-2am, I meditate before going to sleep. This time as I meditated, asking for the ascended masters (The Great White Brotherhood), to help me expand my consciousness. I then heard an inner voice tell me to "open your eyes and see the unseen, that which is invisible will be visible". My eyes at this time felt like a pressure was being released. I was thinking at that moment, how am I going to see something that is “unseen” lol. So I opened my eyes and looked straight ahead, seeing the full moons light shine into my room. I suddenly and very slightly started to see this translucent white “smoke type light” material around me; It was circulating around me. I heard the voice say, “this is your light, this is your aura”. I became super excited cause something like this has never happened before, no matter how much I meditated. It was very fun. I gave my thanks for the help and to this awesome experience. I then closed my eyes and concentrated again on my meditation. I would be lying if I didn’t say I had some tears come out because of this experience.