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My Journey to Happiness

Short Stories within the Soul

A Sword from the Heart

I meditated into sleep (laying down, clearing my mind, and slipping into sleep instead of just falling asleep), focusing on connecting with the unknown. As I dreamt, I found myself still in my bed lying down but what I saw was a flurry of colorful translucent entities ever moving in a rhythmic fashion. I heard a story about Archangel Michael’s sword and each person can take out the sword for protection. As I was lying in this dimension and seeing the colorful dancing entities, which some seemed scary. I opened a hole in my chest, light was coming out, I started to pull out a sword, it was a very beautiful bluish white light. At this time an entity started to come very close to me and this scared me so I swung my new sword and hit it. Immediately a voice said, “This is not that kind of sword”. I realized that my action was not the correct one; I acknowledged this advice and started to put the sword on my back so it may shine bright and provide protection in the rear view. I then placed my hand over my chest and closed the hole of light. 


Night Mission X

Teleported to transport ship with a handful of experts in their fields above earth. “I don’t have much time, let’s do this while I sleep”. Clearance received to disembark; decoupled, taxi to runway. Last check, “all lights green”. Zoom! From one planet to another in matter of no time. Planet was greenish blue. As we approached the mountains up high with snow, “beautiful, just beautiful”. We landed on the mountain close to the top, got out and entered through an opening. Walking through a tunnel we came upon one of the indigenous life forms. Small, 4ft 5inch maybe; skin was dark blueish grey. Frightened, I leaned over and hugged it. Transmitted my thought that everything is going to be fine. The frightened one did not yield. Must re-focus on mission; on we march. As we approached the end of the tunnel an archway opened up to a corridor, we were greeted by a robot but the operator was nowhere in sight. “He is still here, I can feel him, search the compound, I will diffuse the bomb inside the robot”. The experts ran to search for the operator. Alone with the robot, it is on. Opened the interface, thoughts flood my mind full of information. Instructions flow through to diffuse. Small electricity stuns me; wrong action. The bomb is inactive as it sits, any action to diffuse will trigger it; leave alone. MISSION SUCCESS!