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My Journey to Happiness

The Journey to my TRUTH

Have you ever asked yourself the BIG question(s)? Who am I? What is the purpose of life? Well, you are not alone. A lot of people ask these same questions sometime within their lives. Some are okay not having an answer, some fall back on their religious beliefs, some state that this is all that there is to life and keep moving forward, some state that there is a complex answer that we just cannot conceive of yet, and some, maybe a few, keep searching and even a few more state that they have figured it all out. 

I was one of those that kept searching because the answers that people told me at the time just did not feel true to me. Religion didn't have the answer, parents didn't have the answer, friends or other people also didn't have the answer that I was willing to except. Every one of these answers never felt right to me, something inside of me just couldn't except it. It felt like something was missing; so i kept searching.

I searched the internet for many years and read couple of books, coming to subjects as Anunnaki, Lemuria, Atlantis, Law of One, Edgar Cayce, Reincarnation, Incarnation, Karma, WingMakers, Lyricus and so on. I will say this, the internet is filled with alot of nonsense all the way from misinformation to disinformation and fairy tales. Some say it takes sifting through 10,000lbs of BS to come to 1 oz of truth. I believe that statement is more true than not. No matter what "Truth" you find, you must always look inside of yourself to confirm it or affirm it.

I will say this, the most profound earth shattering realty that I came across was FIRST my dream (A Dream beyond Time and Space), then the Law of One series, then There is a River book (Story of Edgar Cayce), then WingMakers, and Lyricus. This was my route that I took or should I say, the road I led myself down (*Note: this is not all of the sources that i came across, but a few good ones to start).

Every time that I found something that could help me in my journey to find out the truth, i had this internal confirmation or affirmation. It was like this tingly feeling inside of me saying, "this is your right way". Every time that this feeling came, i paid very close attention to what I was doing and what I was reading. I cannot tell you what your internal compass feels like or looks like, but this is what my internal compass felt like. This is what I used as my directional heading or compass and it has never let me down.

I'm going to outline in a sentence or two what I got out of each source.

  • My dream --> I was more than just a physical body and have possibly lived more than one life.
  • Law of One --> Other realms and dimensions exists and we can connect with them.
  • Edgar Cayce --> Other realms and dimensions exists and we can connect with them to obtain any information.
  • WingMakers --> A good explanation of how existence is outlined (Physical and non-physical).
  • Lyricus --> Help shed the fear and search within yourself; to become more of yourself.

This is just a sample of what I took from each source, not the entirety and also the information within each source is not all true. Take each one with a grain of salt. Even after all of these wonderful information that I read, it was still on me to believe in them or keep searching. Well, i can say I haven't stopped searching but my search has shifted from outward to inward. I have built a strong foundation, it's time to build upwards. After 33 years of life I can say with clarity that you will not find the TRUTH outside of yourself. That's my hint to YOU!

I leave you with a diagram from WingMakers outlining a possible journey to spiritual activism. 

You can spend a lifetime between the cycle of wake-up call to truth telling and web (internet) searching. I call this an infinite cycle or Izanami for you Naruto fans out there. The only way out of this cycle is to trust yourself, accept yourself, look within yourself for answers and lead yourself down your own path. If you only look for information in the outside world you will miss the information that is already inside of yourself. I won't say not to look for information on the web since this site is on the web :) but don't just rely on the internet. There's an entire other universe inside of you, will you take the journey inwards?